Thursday, June 30, 2011

Quick Sketch

pencil 8x10cm

Unfortunately I haven’t actually finished anything grand this month (been busy though, see Work in Progress) so here’s something very small and very humble. It’s a tiny sketch done from the front seat at the top of a No10 bus while going along Princes Street. The cloud was the main thing, but as the bus kept having to stop – as they do - I had time to indicate a bit of Calton Hill (because it was there). N.B. It is inadvisable to make marks when the bus in motion – messy.

It was drawn in a plain notebook but I’ve taped the page into my large sketchbook, otherwise it would get lost/knackered/smudged etc, and I wouldn’t have had it to show.

The point is not that this is a particularly meaningful piece of ‘Art’, but that it was dashed off from life in a spare moment. Which is a Good Thing.