Friday, July 10, 2009

Cloud Study

watercolour 20x12.5cm

Back to watercolour studies as a break from the oily paint. This is the sky developing over about fifteen – twenty minutes from our front window. Done last week.

I finally went out and bought a couple of pads of proper watercolour paper. It’s not particularly heavy at 90lbs, but at least it won’t go brown. This is done on a pad made into a block. What you do is compress the pad slightly and (with a water-resistant glue!) stick strips of paper around the edges, leaving one corner free, to make a sort of parcel. As the top sheet is always attached to the rest of the pad, the water crinkling is considerably lessened. Once your sketch is dry, slip a blade into the non-glued corner and slice it from the block. It’s worth doing, as ready-made blocks are twice the price of pads.

Payne’s grey is a gift for northern skies, with a little touch of Burnt umber for the more opaque lower cumulus.

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