Monday, November 30, 2015

Window Work


November has passed surprisingly quickly, so I’ve resorted to posting a selection of Window Work this month (it’s been a while – the last time was August 2014). I’ve quite a complicated painting on the easel at the moment, and I’m loathe to rush it just to beat a self-imposed deadline, so here we are with the regular blog stand-by.

As usual, they’re all in Paynes Grey watercolour on 90gm A4 office paper, and are the result of my usual half-hour exercise in the morning - sitting at the window overlooking the street below and sketching who or what comes along. 

I can’t remember exactly when these were done, but I’m guessing that we’re talking from late August/September 2015 onwards. The two Manly Men were actually done within five minutes of each other – so either the chap with shorts was a hardy soul, or the other burlier one was really a buttoned-up namby-pamby. The sketch of the healthy, striding girl shows some nice movement, though her left leg has come out a bit stiff – which is a shame - and the smoker is made with some fairly fast lines and very little tone washing. The cyclist obviously took a little longer than the others. The paper has had time to dry a bit because I can see that I’ve done that scraping thing to expose clean paper for the strongest highlights.

That’s it really. Looking forward Big-Time to finishing the current larger painting, then moving on to the line of projects composed and ready for launch.

Meanwhile there’s always the Window Work - currently on sheet 582.

And counting…

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