Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Window Work


Celebrating the 600th A4 Window Work sheet!

As you may already know, these are my exercise pieces – drawing people, or the occasional sky, out of the window for about 30mins most working mornings. I usually get about eight or nine figures to each A4 sheet, so that gives you an idea of their size. Much more often than not, they’re not very good at all (this morning’s were awful so these are a selection of the best from the last few weeks) but sometimes they’re quite ‘true’. 

I’m lucky to live where there’s a window looking along the road, and it’s very pleasant to sit - mug of tea and brush at the ready, on the alert for slow-moving old ladies or strange gaits - while listening to old BBC radio comedies like ‘Old Harry’s Game’ or ‘Ed Reardon’s Week’ for when nothing’s happening.

So, that’ll be me starting on the next hundred tomorrow morning.

And just as you thought you were getting away with no links to a music track…

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