Friday, April 3, 2009

Watercolour Sketches


This is a compilation of watercolour sketches done over the last couple of days. 1 and 2 on Wednesday, 3, 4, and 5 on Thursday (much sunnier Spring weather).

Number 1 was the first serious watercolour I’d done for years, and its mediocrity and cramped style are rather disappointing. It fails to convey either accurate information about the forms, or the sense of light and space which watercolour does best. It’s also on really rubbish paper. I did the fir tree immediately after the first effort, deciding to look harder, draw from the shoulder, and let the water do more of the work. The light in 3 was gagging for watercolour, I really didn’t have to work hard to see the limited palette and simplified forms. In 4 and 5 I was looking to use it for recording skies. 4 is in my sketchbook, hence the crinkles, and the rest are on cheap off-white lining paper. Quite a good exercise, and I’ll definitely be doing more, though I really should fork out for some proper paper.

Here I have to admit, again, to a grudging use of pthalo blue. I had to go to the shops for a pie late morning, and got a student grade tube of Intense Blue. Tried it out in 4, and, shock, realised it doesn’t granulate (like the blue in 3). It’s lovely to work with, as long as you keep it un-Intense and on a leash.

I think back with (slight and momentary) guilt to the 1970’s, and all those drawings I did of people’s houses with grainy, mottled ultramarine skies.

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  1. Hey Keith,
    Al tipped me off about your site and I'm really glad he did - there's some wonderful stuff here! Great to know you've finally got back to painting :) I've been dabbling myself in watercolour in recent times, but am still at that stage where grainy, mottled ultramarine skies continue to amaze me - so wish me luck!
    Anyways... keep that good stuff coming Keith, and all the very best to you and Colby,