Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dried Leaves

oil on card 31x22cm

Nature moves a lot faster than I paint. I had intended this to be a quick one-day painting, but got caught up in the complex dead leaves. I spent a whole second day on them, and by the time I got around to detailed painting of the green living leaves, they were completely different! A new leaf had sprung up and the others had moved round. I waited about a week till the growth cycle put them in similar positions, but missed it, and now all the foliage has shifted. Doh.

It would have been quite interesting to explore the contrast between the living and the dead matter further, but there’s enough about the green leaves and how everything sits in space to let it go now. So, it not being worth it, I think I’ll just leave it. Having said that, I’m quite pleased with how I’ve done the mass of hard, dry bits, and that’s got to be a Good Thing.

Next time, the green stuff gets done first.

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