Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rapid Sketches

This montage is a small selection from my pile of quick sketch sheets done sitting in front of the TV. The object is to improve rapid drawing.

I usually sit down with a pile of cut sheets of lining paper or a clipboard with a plain loose-leaf pad and rip through them using pencil, pen, or a single colour of watercolour/ink. It’s not Great Art, but amongst the miserable scribbles there can be some useful sketches, and it certainly expands your vocabulary (I think there’s an Ice Road Trucker or two in there somewhere).

Strictly speaking, these are not finished work, but seeing as how I’m working through a bit of a drought (horrible feeling), I haven’t finished anything recently.

Well, if it’s nothing else, it’s a fair attempt to justify sitting on my fat sofa watching telly.

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